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SOS Productions makes audiobook publishing simple, straight-forward, and cost effective.

Audiobooks are the primary literacy source for one in five Americans. Your words will finally be heard.

You'll love us.

Great quality is a side effect of building a relationship with you. When we know the messenger, we can convey the message.


A 5 star rating on Google and winning Thumbtack's Top Pro for two years in a row doesn't happen by accident.

Most studios use hourly fees, private quotes, or charge "per finished minute". This can make it frustrating to plan for and difficult to value your investment.

With one per page flat fee we make it straightforward - no more guessing.

One simple price

for any book.


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Work with a team that admires your talent

Our engineers get to know you and we never take creative control. We're interested in your goals, your success, and your message.

Many authors self-narrate, but the benefits of a narrator might make it worth the investment for you. 

Whether you hire your own or use one of our partnered narrators, our workflow keeps you informed and in-control.

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