We messed up

This is what we are doing about it

1. Inform

First, we feel it important to inform you why this happened.

SOS Productions is growing at a much faster pace than anticipated.

To keep up with this exciting growth we are updating our software and workflow so that we can keep providing the things each of you love most about SOS Productions.

We were unaware that one of our old customer management systems had been pulling and saving contact information from our personal contacts as well as our business contacts - you can see why we're switching from them.

When we made the change, it recognized everyone as a new customer and sent them through our unfinished test system.

2. Secure

At this moment, securing your data is our top priority.

If you are a customer, we are working with the appropriate people to ensure that your information is completely secure and transfered properly.

If you are one of the personal contacts, we are deeply sorry for this immense mistake. We are actively securing your information and ensuring that it is completely purged from all our systems - your information will be protected.

3. Listen

Please, if you are concerned, frustrated, or have any sort

of questions you can contact Tyler* directly at:


*Tyler Gibbs, co-founder and head of artist relations

What's next?

All of this happened because SOS Productions is working on some exciting new things to make your experience even more simple, educational, and fun! Get a sneak peek at one of them here.

Feel free to send us some feedback too!

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