Push Yourself. Every Month.

Want to move faster?

priority recording. deep discounts. every month.

Priority Recording

Look, you're pushing yourself harder than anyone else.


You'll get top priority for mixing and mastering, production, and studio time - and you will need it.

Deep Discounts

With how fast you're going to be releasing songs, your wallets going to need a break.

We're giving you 50% off everything!

Got your own beat? $45 per song

Recording an instrument or need a beat? $80 per song

Every Month

Finally, your music will be given the care it needs... every single month.

How It Works


Accept the Challenge

We keep you motivated by automatically pulling $45 every month.


This pays for all recording, mixing, and mastering of your monthly song.


Schedule your Sessions

After you've accepted the challenge, we will text you a priority booking link where you can schedule your monthly recording session.

Release your Music

You get priority. This means we will get your song fully mixed and mastered within 5 days of recording so that you get it to Spotify fast!


Accept The Challenge

Ready to take yourself to the next level?

Take the first step by filling out the form below, then a recording mentor will reach out to answer questions and make sure this is the right step for you.


What happens if I miss a month?

The risk of paying for a missed month is part of how we keep you motivated to be consistent.

There are no refunds.

But, even if you missed every other month you'd still be getting priority services for the same price as our normal services - and don't worry, we have text updates to keep you engaged and you can pause the challenge if you know you can't keep up.

What if I know I'm going to miss a month?

You can pause your challenge anytime.

Just let your recording mentor know beforehand and we will pause your challenge on the date you request.

What is a recording mentor?

A recording mentor is your personal contact for anything SOS Productions related. They offer you direct answers for all your questions, help you learn and navigate the music industry, and give you tips to improve your music and achieve your goals. Once you sign up, a recording mentor will contact you and give you a phone number where you can always text or call them.

Does SOS keep track of my streak?


We're working on prizes, a streak page, and social media sharing of top streaks... if you have suggestions we'd love to hear them. Text us at 385.800.1836