Record yourself in a professional studio

Take charge, save money, and record yourself.

Why would I record myself in a professional studio?

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Tube Microphone in Studio


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How does it work?

Schedule your setup session

Our team will teach you everything you need to know to record yourself on our professional gear.

Get your private access code

You'll be given a private access code to the studio that you can use during any scheduled session.

Reserve recording sessions online

Use any device to reserve your private recording sessions - weeks or hours in advance.

Record yourself in the studio

Capture high quality takes on our pro gear. If any questions come up, our pros are ready to help!

Get professionally mixed and mastered

Mixing and master your song with SLC's highest rated professionals for only $80/song.

What's the cost?

$20 per session, $80 per mix & master

Frequently asked questions

How long is each session?

Each recording session is 2 hours. This is usually plenty of time for an artist to finish one or sometimes even two songs.

How many songs can I record in one session?

As many as you'd like! Quality should always be the first priority, but if you come prepared you'll likely be able to record 2 or more songs in a session.

Can I see the studio before deciding?

Absolutely! Schedule a tour here: Or watch this video of Bance801 using our West Valley location to record himself:

What if I already have someone who mixes for me?

No worries! You're not obligated to use our discounted mixing and mastering. It's totally cool for you to record yourself in the studio and send your mixes somewhere else.

Can I reserve time back-to-back?

Absolutely! Schedule sessions back to back ahead of time to make sure you get all the time you need. Currently, there are no discounts for multiple sessions. Here's a secret though, towards the end of your session we'll text you to let you know if anyone is booked after you. If no one has reserved time, feel free to keep recording until the next artist comes. We don't suggest you rely on this trick if you're in a hurry to get your music out, we are pretty busy.

Are there any discounts?

We're doing everything we can to keep costs as low as possible for everyone, so we don't normally offer any particular discounts. At the moment, we are testing a membership that would allow dedicated musicians to pay monthly for discounted prices. Ask us about the membership during your tour or setup session to be considered for our trial.

How much could this really save me?


Let's do some math...
Worst case scenario, you book a recording session and realize you weren't prepared. You spend the entire two hours not really making any progress and end up really frustrated. Your smart, so you learn from this lesson and practice a lot more before booking your next session. Your prepared this time, so you nail the song and submit it for mixing and mastering.

How much did this horrible scenario cost you?

$00 for your free setup session
$50 for the first session
$50 for the second session $50 for mixing and mastering $150 total. That's still 70% less than the average production costs in Utah
(if you're a vocalist with beats, even more savings if you're recording instruments)

Okay, let's discuss a much more realistic scenario. Although your first session will have some added roadblocks because your probably a bit nervous and everything is still a bit new, most people can still finish a song in two hours if they're prepared.

So what does your first experience with us look like? $00 for your free setup session
$50 for your first self-recording session
$50 for mixing and mastering
$100 total. That's about $500 less than the average production costs for vocalists.

And, it get's better still. After your first session, you'll be a lot more comfortable with the process and you'll know how to come even more prepared. Most of the vocalists we work with are able to finish two songs if they've done all the prep work before coming to the studio. So what does that look like? $00 for your free setup session
$50 for self recording session
$100 for mixing and mastering
$150 total. That's only $75 per song!! That's less than what most studios charge per hour!

If you're serious about music and plan on recording about two songs per month, you'd end up saving $300 per year by coming sufficiently prepped to record two songs per session.

What does the setup session look like?

1. The setup session is FREE (for a limited time)
Yup. No charge, no committment, no fine print.

2. You get two hours of 1-on-1 time with a professional recording coach
To us, this is extremely important. Everyone's music needs are totally different, so it's vital that we get to focus on your workflow, your needs, and your goals.
(much better than a generic youtube video, right?)

3. It's fully customized to you.
The recording coach will listen to your music, get a feel for your style, and make customized suggestions for you. These suggestions will include which microphone to use, specific microphone techniques, and software tricks to get the sound that's best for you.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Whether they're featuring on your song, pressing record for you, or just hanging out they are welcome in the studio =)

How do I pay?

You'll pay for each session when you book your session online.
(photo of booking system here) You won't need to pay for the mix and master of a song until after we've produced the first draft for you. Our online revision system allows you to listen to your drafts, request edits, and pay all on the same platform.

Can I schedule super late at night or early in the morning?

Yes! One of the huge benefits of recording yourself is that you can record at any time on any day. Private session bookings are available 24/7.