3 Ways to Start Promoting Your Music Now

Updated: Mar 3

Marketing your brand, image, and music is a key aspect most musicians know they should do but rarely dedicate time and money to. Marketing your music is no different than marketing for any other company's product or service. Look for the good marketing that is convincing you and learn from how these companies are reaching you.

One of the biggest reasons you should take marketing seriously as an artist is that it allows you to not only reach more fans, but you can get a better understanding and increase engagement with your die-hard fans. It is also great for promoting recent single releases, upcoming events, and any spontaneous livestreams.

Lets dive into 3 ways you can start marketing your music and image.

Be Active on Social Media

This may come as a no-brainer, but creating an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will help your engagement with fans as well as branding your image. Use Twitter to expose more of yourself and be casual. Only allowing 280 characters, Twitter is a great way to get out thoughts, ideas, and upcoming events where fans can go to get quick facts and insights about you and your music. People want to feel like they're your best fan, twitter gives them an easy way to follow what you're doing and retweet your life. Knowing what you're doing and retweeting your life may sound creepy but it's exactly how dedicated fans feel dedicated (and it grows your exposure!)

Facebook Events is a great way to let the public know of an upcoming concert. In the last year, Facebook has added a livestream. Much like Instagram, Facebook live allows artists a place to play their music, free to their fans, that is COVID safe. While you are live, viewers can join and chat with the artist allowing for a perfect chance to engage with fans. Try doing Facebook lives at different times of the day and see what times get you the most traffic.

Instagram is where you really want to concentrate on your brand, image, and promoting your music. One helpful suggestion is to set your account to business. This gives you access to analytic features and direct contact buttons. Focus on choosing the right hashtags and continuously research what is trending to be up-to-date. Instagram is VISUAL centric. Use content that is visually appealing to drive your message. The images you choose to use will be a primary display of your brand, so be mindful of what you use and be consistent. Finally, try to be consistent on all platforms. Consistency helps build your image and the more consistent you appear the more authentic you will look as a person.

Document As Much As Possible

When striving for a life of fame, people can become pretty obsessed with who you are and your daily life. One way for fans and viewers to get inside looks into your life is through a blog. If writing is not your strong suit, try a podcast. Podcasts are a great way for fans to hear your voice and really get a sense of who you are. (You can record podcasts in our studio on the Self-Serve plan)

Documenting also includes keeping your fans up to date with lyrics, beats, samples or even photos that you are working on. You never know when something may come up that works perfectly with what you started a month or even a year ago. Documenting your work also ensures some legal protection for your content the moment it is created.

Utilize The Power of YouTube

According to searchenginejournal.com, YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. YouTube gives you so much freedom to show fans and viewers who you are and what you are capable of. From creating music videos, showcasing lyrics to your music, to allowing fans to see album or song covers, YouTube is truly one of the best sources for marketing your music campaign.

YouTube influencers can also be utilized. An influencer is someone with a large following on social media. By collaborating with an influencer you can reach more people than you ever thought possible.

In today’s age of social media craze, marketing has become more important than ever. Fans want to be a part of the journey with you. One of the best ways for them to feel like they are a part of your life is through having an effective marketing strategy. Stop thinking creating music is enough because unfortunately it no longer is. Start creating a consistent image across multiple platforms and utilizing YouTube, blogs, or podcasts to showcase who you are to your fanbase!




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