Your first time recording at SOS Productions...

Updated: Mar 3

We are different. So different.

Making recording truly accessible will always be the core mission of SOS Productions, and that core mission has led us down some crazy paths.

Throw everything you know about the traditional recording industry out the window, because we're about to make your life a whole lot better.

Arriving at the studio

When you arrive at the studio, you won't be looking for a building. Nope. A few hours before your session the audio engineer taking care of you will reach out and let you know that "we can be pretty difficult to find, so call me on this number as soon as you arrive".

When you pull up and make that call the audio engineer will come out to meet you and guide you to our Mobile Recording Studio.

Our founders (todd & tyler) wanted to maximize the good SOS Productions does in the world. So we partnered with High Schools to give students the opportunity to use the studio in-between sessions when musicians like you aren't using it.

That's why the address led you to a school, and why you'll be walking into a professionally designed mobile recording studio.

How to best prep for your session

Music is a creative art so how you feel during the session is extremely important to the quality of the music we will produce. If you're feeling off and uncreative our engineers completely understand, we'll do what we can and reschedule for the rest. But, there are some things you can do to keep yourself in the right headspace while you're here.

  1. Pee before you come. I know it's a weird tip, but it's true. Bathroom breaks are welcome at SOS Productions but they can often throw off a good groove. Don't worry if nature calls while you're here, we just ask you do what you can before you come.

  2. Bring water. I promise you, you'll be glad you did.

  3. Don't come hungry. You don't want to be hangry while trying to create some your best hits. Unless your song requires some purposeful anger, it's probably best to fill your stomach before you come.

  4. Practice perfectly. Before you schedule a session, ask yourself "Have I practiced this enough that I could perform this on-stage with less than 3 mess ups?" If the answer is no, please spend a bit more time on your song before scheduling a session - you'll be way more likely to impress the engineer if you do.

  5. Know what you want. We expect you to have questions, that's exactly what we are here for. Although it's difficult for us to help a musician who has no direction. Experimenting and creatively changing your music is SO important to get a good sound. As engineers we will even offer soft suggestions and feedback because we care about you and your music. BUT a recording session is not the time for you to be 'figuring out' what you want your song to sound like. Invest some time in your comfort-place to think about what your musical goals are, what artists you might want to sound like, what are your musical strengths and what are your weaknesses.... having answers to these things will give you a strong foundation to launch from.