Who should you trust when publishing your music to Spotify and Apple Music?

Updated: Mar 3

Getting your music published to all of the major streaming services is actually pretty easy. Though there are plenty of in-depth articles describing every possible way for you to get your music published, I'm going to give you the brief straight-forward answers.

Everyone wants their music professionaly presented on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, Pandora, and really anywhere they can get it. So this is exactly what you need to know to make that happen wisely.

Who publishes my song?

The people who put your music onto Spotify and other platforms are called "Aggregators". These aggregators are companies like CDBaby, Tunecore, Distrokid, and there's lots of them. Just like every microphone has its pros and cons, so does every aggregator - but at the core they all do the same thing: aggregators publish your music, collect your earnings, and pay you your royalties.

How does it work?

Each of these aggregators are online businesses. Really, the process is simple.

1. You pay them and upload your WAV or MP3 file.

2. They publish your music

3. They track your streams and earnings (some do this better than others)

4. You get paid!

Which aggregator is best?

Really, there is no "best" aggregator for everyone. Choosing an aggregator will depend on your needs. So here's the information that will mean the most to you:

CDBaby: www.cdbaby.com

Pay $10 once per song and your music is published forever

Best at collecting all the royalties you've earned

They take a 9% royalty on all your earnings

Tunecore: www.tunecore.com

You keep 100% of your royalties

Daily reports from Spotify/Apple Music

$10 per year for each song: if you don't pay, your music will go away

Additional fees for each release

Distrokid: www.distrokid.com

Unlimited songs for $20 per year

You pay for a yearly Distrokid membership: if you don't pay, your music will go away

Ability to pay $30 per song to make sure it's stays published forever

Lots of extra (hidden) fees for "extra" services

What if I don't care, I just want to listen to my music?

For musicians who don't want to spend lots of time researching which platform is best, or worry about all the legal implications, or wasting precious "me time" on signing up with an aggregator - we can do it for you! If you had us record, mix, or master your song then we will publish your music completely free!

If you want to stop worrying about publishing, let us do it for you. Just text 385-800-1836 right now and say "I want you guys to publish my song for me". We will only need three things from you:

1. A picture to use for the cover art

2. Your musician name

3. If there are any platforms you DON'T want it published on

That's literally all we will need. The downside? First, we don't have systems in place to track your royalties, or leading songs, or anything like that. Second, it takes about 3-4 weeks for the song to be published. Third, we can't pay you any royalties. All of these problems are created by the fact that we are not primarily an aggregator. This is just a service we offer for those special musicians who produce their music with us.

For a more detailed take on EVERY aggregator that you could work with, check out Ari's article here... it's the best one I've found: