How to release your music without annoying your social media following.

Just an hour ago I got an e-mail from a friend of mine who just recently started recording with SOS Productions.

She asked a simple question: "What is your opinion on when I should/could announce that I’m releasing an EP?"

I think most of us would have just excitedly started posting about our upcoming music on our instagram stories... but the mindfulness she exhibits in asking this question is extremely important.

Every successful business has a strategic marketing plan.

Do you expect to have your music heard without one?

So, whether you're fighting for fame or just dropping music as a hobby invest some time to ask what my friend did....

Questions to ask yourself:

"When was the last time I got excited for something that wasn't released yet?" "What videos/images/articles/experiences/memories got me excited?" "How long did my excitement stay top of mind?" "When and why did my excitement start diminishing?" "What kept (or could have) me engaged?"

So... basically, step by step here's what you should do.

1. Decide a target date with the engineer you're working with and commit to finishing the songs by that date.

2. Choose a date 2-6 weeks after that finish date and mark it as the release date. a. Choose a shorter wait period if you're prone to decaying motivation b. A longer period gives you more time to submit to official curated playlists

3. Advertise your music, the experience, and the release date with the tips listed below... and any other methods create.

4. As you near your target completion date our engineers will work on a release gameplan with you. (it usually includes releasing one song under the radar so that you can get a Spotify and Apple Music artist profile which will help a ton in promoting your release)

5. Submit the songs to the aggregator you decide on and proactively wait for the release day!!!!

(here's a quick article to help you choose an aggregator)

5 Hot tips to keep people in the loop w/o losing attention:

1. Ask for content engagement a. example: "Hey guys, the song I'm recording right now is a memento to everyone who's found comfort in snuggling a cat... DM me photos of your cats to show your support!" (repost all of that) b. maybe even consider requesting content for use in a low-budget music video 2. Reveal a specific line from a song and tell the specific story of why that particular line is meaningful to you or how you came up with it. 3. (if appropriate) incorporate user-submitted content into the song example: "Yo buddies, one of my songs would sound so good with a bunch of maniacal laughter in the background of the bridge.... DM me your creepiest laugh and I'll put it in the song!" 4. Do that normal social media thing where you make it look like your life is perfect because you're recording in a studio.

5. Long-story-short don't reveal the music.... but build up memories that will make people WANT to hear what your music is all about.




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