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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Beats make it possible for talented vocalists to share their music.

SOS Productions makes beats of every genre.


Whether you sing or rap, we will make an instrumental that fits your voice and compliments your lyrics.

Rap emphasizes lyrics like no other genre, ensure the music fits the message.

SOS Productions produces Hip Hop whether we make your beat or you bring your own.


Many artists choose YouTube beats that can't be monetized, SOS Productions will take the YouTube beat and recreate it for your voice.


Pop engages with its simplicity, but subtle nuances can make a song really stand out.

SOS Productions works with artists to incorporate instruments and effects that will make a song memorable.


Many artists start with a simple chord progression or YouTube beat. From wherever you're starting, SOS Productions works with you to create a song that is meaningful and memorable.


Rock is constantly expanding in diversity, we adapt to meet every need.

SOS Productions combines the best of traditional recording techniques with the tools of today.


Solo artists often use midi instruments and amp sims, full bands cram into our mobile studio and sweat out their music, others have us record them in their practice space - whatever your circumstance, we can make it happen.


Acoustic performances can be the start or destination of your musical journey.

SOS Productions helps the singer/songwriter transform their acoustic foundation into the filled out song you envision. 


Although if you want to keep this song to just your voice and your guitar, we are happy to capture your pure performance.