Give your students a fully equipped

recording studio.

SOS Productions is the simplest way to give your students emotional literacy, marketable skills, unexpected friendships, and a headstart within a rapidly growing industry.

How many of your students use music to process their emotions? Now their emotions can finally be heard.

Reach the ones at risk.

For the student who doesn't know how to ask for help, we provide the environment and skillset for them to find their voice.

Our sound surgeons are deeply passionate about music. Helping the younger generation enjoy authentic expression is an organic part of the process.

student recording another student

Foster workplace skills.

Freedom to explore and experiment with our equipment gives them a truly open learning environment to understand the production process.

Frequent interaction with our sound surgeons provides organic experiences to gain professional communication and people-to-people skills.


Provide a channel for connection.

The vulnerable nature of music brings students together in ways that truly intertwine hearts. Profound relationships are created as students collaborate, teach each other, and capture shareable content for their peers.


Separate yet united

SOS Productions provides an uninvasive mobile recording studio to fit every schools space and layout limitations.

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Open access

During school hours the studio is completely open to student use.

Our sound surgeons work with your school to plan guided and unguided opportunities for the students.

In other words, we don't have to be there - students can be free to explore independently


Completely free

We thrive by recording professional artists outside of school hours.

During school hours students and staff have complete access to the studio.

Guided opportunities are given based on the needs of your school.

Equipment trainings for students and staff are provided as needed.


You may choose to hire our talent for certain services and students or their parents may choose to do the same.


Our needs

Transparency is so important in our relationship with you.

We strive to keep our needs as minimal as possible, but there are clear operational functions that are simply necessities.

access to power

access to two standard outlets on separate circuits or one NEMA 14-30 outlet

access to restrooms

this may look different for each school

one school background checks our sound surgeons and provides a key for access outside school hours

access to parking

you can choose where you'd like the mobile studio to be parked

sound surgeons and professional artists need access outside school hours

student success discussions

to ensure SOS Productions maintains a positive relationship with you and your students we ask for at least a quarterly review of how we are impacting your students

(we do not ask to discuss confidential information)

access to wifi

for student safety we do have 24/7 wifi operated cameras 

(school administrators may be granted access to cameras)

studio operations also require unrestricted access to audio websites


Let's start a conversation

We are not eager. 

Finding the right fit is very important to us,

we value the students above all else and will only

commit if we truly believe we might serve your student body well.

If you believe your student body would gain from a recording studio,

fill out the request form below.

SOS Productions



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