How much will recording cost me with Stage Funding? Nothing. I'm sorry if that answer offends you, but it's true.




What is Stage Funding? AND WHY IS IT FREE???

Stage Funding is our way of giving musicians everything they need to share and market their music without having to spend any money. 

Stage Funding is a program of five steps. First, you contact SOS ProductionsSecond, SOS Productions works with you to be prepared and confident that you will put on a glorious live performance. Third, you invite friends and family and strangers online to your performance. SOS Productions works with you to attract your fanbase and create ways to grow your fanbase with this live performance. Fourth, you perform your heart out, sweat a bunch, and gain some new fans at the live show. Fifth, $6 of every ticket is used to get you fully produced music, professional music videos, publishing on Spotify, Sound Cloud, You Tube, and Apple Music, and a whole lot of things that help you share and market your music!

Rather than using big numbers, we simplified everything and just called the $6 from one ticket a "Fan". Now we get to use simple numbers and talk about how many people support you... so, here is what the rewards look like:

25 fans = one exclusive beat (instrumental of any genre)

35 fans = full production of one song

50 fans = 24 custom T-shirts

100 fans = professional photo shoot

150 fans = musician logo / album artwork

200 fans = animated lyric video

300 fans = full production music video

What if I want 5 exclusive beats? Just take the number for one and multiply it by 5. 

What if I only get 15 fans to my show? The numbers roll over, so if you are hoping to record a song, we just have to make sure you get 20 people to your next show. 

What if I have other questions? Text us right now, 385-800-1836.

Stage Funding is the way that musicians earn everything they need to share and market their music without having to spend any money.

While we are on the topic of money, let's get some straight forward answers to the questions most startup musicians ask themselves:

How much does recording cost in Utah? Most the time, recording studios in Utah charge an hourly fee that can range from $50 an hour to $300 an hour. As an inexperienced musician, these numbers often mean nothing to you because you have no idea how many hours it will take to finish recording your song.

Stage Funding

How many hours does it take to record a song? Unfortunately there is no solid answer. Studios charge hourly because there are so many variables and nobody wants to spend the time or money to organize a solid system that would create reliable production times. (Except us, check out our prices page to see our flat rates)

How much does a music video cost in Utah? Although the price tage matches the complexity of the idea and there is theoretically no limit to how much you might pay, let's talk realistic numbers for a local band or solo-artist. We've seen film producers charge as little as $100 for a simple video and we have seen as large as $2,500 for a video with multiple locations, a couple actors, and band footage with a storyline. 

How much does a music video cost me with Stage Funding? Nothing. I hope this is becoming clear. 

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