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Simple Prices

Most studios use hourly fees, keeping the final cost a mystery. Hourly fees make it hard to plan your release and even harder to choose who you want to work with.

Flat fees eliminate the confusion - no more guessing.

With A Pro

Record with an experienced audio engineer to get professional coaching, honest feedback, and detailed quality.


Self Serve

Record yourself with our professional equipment and get mixed & mastered by our expert audio engineers so you can share your music with confidence.


Full Band

The complete package for bands of any size and genre. 

Get recording, mixing, and mastering all-in-one.


complete recording, mixing, and mastering included in every price - so you always have everything you need.


Meet The Team

Our engineers get to know you and we never take creative control, when listeners press play your personality will be behind every note.


Recording Engineer



Head Engineer


Artist Relations

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