Meet Your Project Portal

The easiest way to upload audio files, listen to drafts,

request edits, and pay for your project.

Upload Audio Files With Ease

Upload your STEMs, Rough Mixes, and Vocal Takes easier than ever before.

Uploading STEMS

Listen to Draft Seconds After It's Mixed

No more waiting on someone to e-mail you a draft. Listen as soon as it's mixed!

Playing a Draft.gif

Submit Timestamped Revisions

Take control of the revision process with easy timestamped comments.


Pay Where It's Most Convenient

Fully integrated payments make it easy to pay for your project remotely.


First, Let's Prepare Your Audio Files

1. Export your STEMs in the highest quality possible (WAV is ideal).
2. Make sure each track has exported to its own audio file and has a sensible name.
3. Compress the folder containing your STEMs into a .zip file.

Organize and Zip.gif

Now, Let's Upload Your Audio Files

1. Access your Project Portal by clicking the link sent by an SOS Engineer.

2. Click the red "Client Upload" folder and enter the password provided by us.

3. Click "new" to open up the upload dropdown, select "file", and locate your STEMs.

Uploading STEMS