Record With A Pro

Don't worry, we've got it from here.

Professional coaching, feedback, and detailed quality.


Stay In Control

We will never take creative control.

This is your music and our engineers understand that. We're here to provide feedback, make sincere suggestions, and give you a quality recording.

Pro Support

Our help doesn't stop when you leave the studio. Our engineers are available by text to answer any questions you have along the way.

Our engineers do have lives, we hope you'll understand that responses might be a couple hours. 

Simple Pricing

Get all the recording, mixing, and mastering you need for $160.

"But, what if I need a beat made?"

Your custom-beat is included.

"But, what if I'm recording guitar, piano, and vocals?"

Yup, still $160.

"But, what if it takes me two recording sessions to finish?"

This rarely happens, but if it does... still $160.

Fast & Easy

Our online revision system allows you to listen to your drafts, request edits, and pay at your convenience - getting us to the perfected version in less than two weeks.

Let's Get Your Music Moving!

Meet your engineer, set a gameplan, and finally share your music with confidence.

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